Happy March!

This month has been a blast! The birthday jam was SO fun and I have a few updates!

I begin Marc Robin's Alice In Wonderland at Marriott Lincolnshire on Monday! Putting the schedule up on the site today! A children's show, so bring the kiddies along!

Also, I've been brought onto the team of 'I Love Lucy' Live On Stage!, standing by for one of the lovely character actress roles in the show - it's playing through April 7th at the Broadway Playhouse in Water Tower Place, so check it out, and let me know if you're coming to see if I'm on that night!

I'm working with three other new works: one by my friend, Lara Filip, another by my friends, Charlie Irving & Johnny Gonzales, and one of my very own, using the music of my fantastically talented cousin, Caleb Hawley (www.calebhawley.com). I will give the update of what's going on with any of those when it does :)

Lastly, I have an amazing family. This includes my very close friends too. My family is SO generous, it blows my mind a little. Their kindness, support, and encouragement is something that I know my world would not at ALL be the same without. I love you all so much.


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