Opening JOSEPH soon!

I'm a part of this AMAZING production of JOSEPH & THE...DREAMCOAT and start shows Feb 23rd (my birthday - what an awesome bday present!!)~~ I am SO excited to share it with all of you!

A little bit about it:

1) Instead of a cast of million, including kids, 12 brothers, & countless wives, ensemble & such, there's ELEVEN of us!

2) We all play instruments in it...and it's good ;)

3) I'm playing a brother!! SO FUN!! Sing, dance a bunch, and even got to arrange my own featured song! Which song do you think it is? You'll just have to see...

TYA (Theatre For Young Audiences) so all scheduled are morning shows - come hang out, & we'll have lunch afterward! (Possibility of adding night shows & more day shows - will update if so!)

Single tickets prices are $15 per person, please call the Marriott Theatre Box office at 847-634-0200. Groups of 20 or more please call our group sales department for pricing at 847-634-5909. Check in with me too to let me know you wanna come! I may have some connections ;)


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