If anyone got to see this amazing show at Chicago Shakespeare Theater or other theatres across the world, know that now you can get the soundtrack, featuring yours truly as Desdemona!


04_Made_It_To_The_Top.m4a (featured in 1:30-2:29)


OTHELLO: THE REMIX explores the well-known story of William Shakespeare's OTHELLO by placing it in the present and performing it with a new script set to the 4/4 groove of American Hip Hop. The story involves a crew of American rapping all-stars who keep you grooving with ears perked to hear every joke and brilliant line in this wonderful theatre experience. It has traveled around the world, performing in Sydney, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, and even London's GLOBE THEATRE!

Buy them for only $10 at http://www.chicagoshakes.com/plays_and_events/store/books and see you next time it lands!


Ariella Rosen October 17, 2017 @06:13 pm
Hi! I saw the play twice; it was so good! Is there any way that I can buy the complete soundtrack?
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