Shout-out to Church Gigs!

Every Sunday, I sing at two Catholic churches, and I have to give a shout out to them:

St. Alphonsus on 1429 W Wellington is a GORGEOUS church with a choir to match every 10:30am Sunday mass, as well as holidays and special occassions. The choral director, as well as the conductor, player, and arranger of MANY of the versions of songs we do, besides beautiful classics, Brian Bloye, is amazing. 

St. Berchman's on 2517 W Logan is a sweet and fresh church where my friend, Jon Mercado, acts as parish music coordinator, director, and player, where I sing every Sunday night at 6:30pm. 

Both interesting and uplifting pastors. If this is your thing, it's worth coming to along with me or separately when you can. :)


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