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EPISODE 1: with Veronica Garza:

EPISODE 2: with Hannah Corneau:

EPISODE 3: FACEBOOK LIVE w/Aubrey Adams & Patrick Tierney

EPISODE 4: with Jess Godwin:

A Webisode Series

Hey All!

             A Grown-Up 2017 READING RAINBOW sounds good to me. I liked that show. It made me think, it entertained me and it gave me warm fuzzies. I loved the way the host spoke to me like a person and encouraged me to be a creator, just like all the people and stories he showcased. Now, I can't say I'm him, but I can say I want to help others feel warm fuzzies, feel entertained and be inspired to think creatively and positively. So see you soon for an episode of WORK LESS: CREATE MORE! xoo

OTHELLO: THE REMIX (as seen at The Globe, Edinburgh FRINGE FEST & Chicago Shakespeare Theatre)

TRACKS FROM OTHELLO: THE REMIX as Desdemona in 2013!





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