How's Your New Year New?

Today, I'm letting you all know that this past year has been amazing in MANY, MANY ways. And now, it's time for a new, beautiful, & tumultuous chapter, written as I go! I am working on many new projects, but keeping up with the oldies (GREAT LIFE MUSIC, THE MURDER MYSTERY COMPANY, auditioning and so on)! Big things coming up are 1) My birthday bash at ABBEY PUB on Monday, 25th for my 25th birthday, 2) A new video with GREAT LIFE MUSIC, scheduled to shoot in the next month, and 3) NEWS WORKS from me and others that I'm working along with - VERY cool. 

The more hours you put in, the more times you put your name in the pot, the better chances you have and the better you are.

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