Reviews, Update, and Schedule for September loaded!

A few things to share:

1) OTHELLO: THE REMIX just got done playing the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and was a hit! Since I played the voice of Desdemona, over these past few months, I've checked on reviews the plays received and sometimes I'm even mentioned! Thought I'd share one with you:

'In making Desdemona a bodiless angel - whose vocals soar..." 

2) I am now back in full swing in the city of Chicago, after just returning from playing the Minnesota State Fair with my sibs! Trey and Jennifer play EVERY DAY at Dino's Bandstand and my other brother, Reed, and his band 'Reed Grimm and the Shoeless Revolution' play EVERY NIGHT - this is through Sept.3 (Labor Day) so check them out if you're there! Now back in the city, I'm still rocking the MATT REED BAND (as a vocalist) and THE MURDER MYSTERY COMPANY (as an actor), and working on a new project I hope to get to report about soon - good vibes there.

3) Check out my schedule! I have fun things coming up in September, including singing at Jilly's on Rush Street, playing in MURDER's around Chicagoland and beyond, and am even a part of a special cabaret where women sing songs made famour by men, and vice versa that's called Cabernet Cabaret: With a Twist! Come hang out with me on any of my public gigs - I'd LOVE to see you there and have excessive amounts of laughs and smiles :))

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