Sophie Grimm proved that youth also has something significant to say about Billie Holiday. Rare is the emerging singer who can convey the kind of presence, conviction and utter lack of affectation that Grimm brought to every phrase of “Good Morning Heartache,” complete with exquisitely polished scat singing that justly earned ovations before the tune was finished. The unhurried tempo and sweeping lines Grimm mined in “Crazy He Calls Me” were similarly effective. Imagine the art of Holiday filtered through the sensibility of the great Doris Day, and you have a sense of where Grimm was coming from.” - Howard Reich

Chicago Tribune entertainer of extraordinary gifts - among which are poise and polish beyond her years.” - Carla Gordon

— Cabaret Scenes Magazine

The gorgeous voice...[who]...sounds a bit like one of those white English girls who've co-opted the best of R&B and mixed it with a little Kate Bush.” - Chris Jones

Chicago Tribune

Superb, young character actress” - Colin Douglas

The Chicago Theatre Review

A talented backing singer ... with her angelic voice.” - Helene Cloete - Brighter Coverage

An ethereal, trilling voice that echoes down from the Globe’s speaker-laden rafters.” - Erin Sullivan, Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham

In making Desdemona a bodiless angel – whose vocals soar through the earthy rhythms below” - Honour Bayes


A sensational soul voice” - Philip Fisher

British Theatre Guide

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